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We know your time is more valuable treating patients than bill collecting .

Let us free you to be more productive doing what you do best.  Treating your patients...

What we do best is to getting you reimbursed as quickly and accurately as possible.

Billing is one of the most overlooked profit centers within the practitioners control.

Most providers do not realize the importance of hiring competent billers and coders that truly understand the process of medical billing.

Not just ICD and CPT codes.

The cheapest is not always the most cost effective.

A to Z Financial Services actually diagnoses flaws your current billing procedures and treats your billing the way you treat your clients.

First you tell us why your here...
Slow Pays, Not collecting the full amount your due from insurance companies. Etc.

We will then treat the problems instead of treating the symptoms...(Denied Claims Etc.)

From initial consultation procedures, until full reimbursement , we will discover where we can improve your current procedures and implement a consistent process that will result in vastly improved billing reimbursement results.

Poor billing practices cost more than you may realize.

For many practices, as little as a 1% improvement in billing recovery could increase your income tens or hundreds of thousands per year.

 To improve your billing, Call 714-421-1499